Logan's Heroes Animal Rescue

Logan's Heroes Animal Rescue Inc. began in December of 2014

to honor the spirit of a young German Shepherd puppy and all those that dedicated or even lost their lives to help our country be what it is today.

Our organization is an animal rescue that not only helps animals in need, but recognizes and honors everyone that will sacrifice themselves for something that they believe in. I have personally been in animal rescue for 15 years and it has given me a purpose in life to help those that cannot help themselves. 


While I think many people have joined the animal rescue network because they are less inclined to help people, I have been blessed to experience the human/animal bond and watched how this bond has helped so many others power through difficult times in their lives and give them hope for better days. I have seen animals that have been neglected and physically abused forgive and accept the helping hand of those that care and become a savior and guardian for their new human.


Our Mission


Our mission is to rescue homeless, neglected and abused animals and place them into life-long homes while placing an emphasis on the human-animal relationship and its ability to help heal those that need it most. We have created programs and partnered with other organizations to promote this benefit and place an emphasis on supporting Veterans.


Our Vision


Our organization is unique by helping our rescue animals transition into their new life with programs that have been created to emphasize the human-animal relationship. We recognize that some of our rescue animals will need extra socialization and time to heal. We also understand that some of our rescue animals will also be of great benefit to those in need in the form of animal assisted therapy.  Our programs within our organization and partnerships with other organizations show the benefits of these bonds to help people and animals heal from traumatic experiences in their past and current physical disabilities. These programs also show that both humans and animals can benefit from each other by learning to trust and power through difficult times in their lives. We have placed a special emphasis on Veterans and our goal is to be able to channel our programs and efforts to be able to expand in the future and provide an Equine Assisted Therapy program to our local Veterans. This program would not only benefit our local Veterans, but help our rescue horses with socialization and training so they will be more adoptable.


Who was Logan?

Logan was a German Shepherd puppy that was bred to become everyone's "puppy in the window" dream and would have been the perfect pet store puppy, except he had a congenital defect known as mega esophagus. This prevented him from properly swallowing his food. He was purchased at a pet store and returned once this defect was found by a veterinarian. Poor Logan actually sat in a cage for about one month until a rescue could be found to take him in and by that time, this once thriving puppy was underweight and battling pneumonia because of his inability to swallow properly.


At four months old, Logan was almost 10 pounds underweight on the day that he reached a rescue.  Unfortunately, all the medical care that Logan received could only support him for just over a week. During this time, Logan was loved and offered a life outside of a cage, when he was up for it. Although Logan did not survive, he is a symbol and an inspiration for all those out there looking for something better in life.


The pet store and puppy mill industry continues because of supply and demand, those that produce and are less fit to be sold are left behind and, I believe, should have a chance to be loved in a home just like the puppies that everyone sees in the window.

While changes in my life brought me out of animal rescue for a short period of time, I was brought back by the many animals still in need of help and also the friendship of those people that have dedicated themselves to help animals in need.


Board of Directors

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Chris Baringer - President
Karen Filson - Treasurer
Kelly Kalb
Laura Sobolusky
Cheryl Belman
Claudette Baringer
Dr. Cortney Zeledon - Advisory

Dr. Mark E. Moran - Advisory



We're Expanding!


We are expanding our organization to horses and other animals that have lost their homes due to humane case seizures and economic issues. We hope to bring veterans into our equine program to allow them hands-on time to bond with horses that have been neglected or abused, so they learn from each other how to cope with their past and build a new life.


Please join us in supporting this dream by fostering or adopting one of our dogs in need, donating to our cause, or becoming a volunteer to help us raise awareness and much needed funds for our program.


Non-Profit Status!


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