Logan's Heroes Animal Rescue Inc. has many dogs available for adoption. Please check our site for updates to our list of adoptable dogs. All of our dogs are currently in foster homes which provides us with more information on how they will adjust to life in a new home. After you have been approved as an adopter.Visits are by appointment only.


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  • All current dogs and cats in the home need to be up to date on vaccines. All dogs in the home need to receive heartworm testing at least every two years.
  • A Veterinary reference is required if you currently own pets.* Please be sure to contact your veterinarian to give them permission to answer questions for us.
  • All current dogs and cats need to be spayed or neutered. If not, we do need to know why they are not, such as medical reasons or a breeder contract. Proof of either will be required.
  • Two personal references that are not related to you in addition to a veterinarian reference. If you do not have a veterinarian reference, we do require three personal references.
  • Renters are required to provide information to reach their landlord so we can verify breed or size restrictions for pets.


* Please note that if your current dog or cat is not up to date with vaccines, your dog does not get bi-annual heartworm testing, or you cannot provide a veterinarian statement for lack of vaccine or medical reason for not neutering your dog or cat or a breeder contract, your application will be denied. Pennsylvania state law does require that all indoor cats be kept current on rabies vaccine and we do adhere to those guidelines when processing applications.

We will gladly accept checks for donations, but we prefer cash, Visa, Mastercard or Discover for adoption fees. For more information on a particular dog or about adopting, please call 484-719-7101 or email us.


Before you can adopt, we do need you to complete an dog application. For best results please fill out on desktop. IPHONE USERS we are noticing that applications are not being submitted to us, please apply via computer at home or with an Android phone. We are working on this to get this resolved ASAP. IF you want to move ahead an not save your application for later. PLEASE CLICK on NO THANKS and the ANIMAL APPLICATION  will pop up.


or a Cat application



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