Fostering is a very important part of our organization. Currently we are only able to help dogs if we have a foster home for them. Most of the dogs that we do receive are from commercial kennels, puppy mill situations and retired breeder dogs. Many are purebred dogs ranging from Shih Tzu to English Bulldogs to designer breeds like Puggles and Labradoodles. They can also be under-socialized and most are not housebroken because they have been living in kennels or even cages.


We need your help to get these dogs started on their road to becoming family pets and learning what life is like for dogs that become a part of a family. We occasionally have puppies or younger dogs in our program and need foster homes for these dogs as well.

Foster homes are needed to help:

  • Transport your foster dog to the veterinarian for vaccines and spay/neutering as well as any other medical needs.
  • Provide a dog with a safe and comfortable home is some cases for the first time in their life.
  • Take foster dogs to adoption events to help them find new homes.
  • Provide specialty care to younger animals like bottle babies, injured animals or even those that are older and require special attention or medical needs.







Download our Handbook!


The first step to becoming a foster home is to complete our Dog Foster application.



Tell us about you and if you have experience with certain breeds or time to help with special needs or even working with under-socialized animals.  

*Please be sure to check with your local ordinance to see if there are any restrictions on the number of animals you may keep in your home.

Can't bear to part with a foster animal? No problem. Just call us at 484-719-7101 or email us to make adoption arrangements. Please note that by adopting, you assume full responsibility for all aspects of the animal's care



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