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VéRUS offers a Rescue Frequent Feeder Program. We believe that mistreated animals shouldn't suffer any more than what they already have. For pets that have been rescued, quality holistic food provides the ability to recover and heal and nutrients essential for a healthy life. We can make a change together. All you have to do is ask your VéRUS retailer or local rescue if they offer the program. If they do not, let us know, and we will mail you a Rescue Frequent Feeder envelope. Once you have purchased 12 bags of dry dog or dry cat food, we will donate a 20 lb bag to a rescue in your name. You will also receive a free bag for you own pet as a thank you for supporting less fortunate pets.









Logans Heroes Animal Rescue Inc. • 9411 Kings Highway, East Greenville PA 

484-719-7101 • 610-928-0401

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